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Conditions of Play 2021/22
Approved at the HGC Committee Meeting March 10 2021

Updated 16 Jan 22

Updated 20 June 23

These conditions of play apply to all Heathcote Golf Club, club competitions. Other events such as those sponsored by Golf Victoria, Golf Central Victoria and/or Charity Days and other special events may have specific conditions which apply only to those events.


Alteration to Conditions of Play


The Match Committee is to examine the Conditions of Play as soon as practicable following the Club’s AGM. Proposed alterations are to be tabled at the first available General Committee meeting as a motion for ratification.


Any member who wishes to alter the conditions of play is to approach the respective Captains to discuss the proposal. If a change is required, the Match Committee is to take the proposed change to the next General Committee meeting for ratification.


These Conditions of Play remain in force without further reference to the General Committee.


The Club Secretary is to maintain an electronic copy of these Conditions of Play, update the record as required and ensure that copies are available to all members.


The Rules of Golf


All club competition matches are to be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf. It is the responsibility of each player to know and understand their obligations under the Rules of Golf and apply them during their play. It is the responsibility of every member in a group to provide advice as to the Rules to less experienced players and to bring a player’s attention to any breach, and advise the penalty involved. The application of the Rules is NOT just the responsibility of the marker, it is everyone’s responsibility.


Local Rules


HGC Local Rules are printed on the reverse of the scorecard.

Out of Bounds


A ball struck Out of Bounds incurs a penalty of ‘stroke and distance’; which means the next ball is played from the same position and it becomes the third shot. The optional out of bounds rule does NOT apply at the HGC.


Match Committee


While the HGC has a standing Match Committee it is unlikely that all members will be present at every club competition. Therefore: should the need arise, the respective Captains, or the senior HGC Committee member present, may form a match committee from suitably experienced, available members to adjudicate at an individual club competition.


If a dispute relating to the application of the rules cannot be solved within the group and a ruling is required two balls should be played and the score recorded for each. On returning to the club the Captain will decide the matter or call a meeting of a match committee to decide the matter. Respective Captains are to canvas members for those willing to undertake training as Club Rules Officials and maintain a list of qualified members.


Official Competition


An official competition can be held if there are a minimum of six players who have paid their competition fee.




Handicaps are allocated by the Miscore/Miclub system depending on the tee being used on the day. Members are to play off the handicap allocated by the Miscore/Miclub system. Cards are submitted electronically and handicaps updated automatically.

If a previous score has not been processed by the system which may effect a handicap change, the member is still to play off the allocated handicap until the system updates.


Handicap manipulation is considered a serious form of cheating. Captains are to investigate any allegations of handicap manipulation via Golflink and present the results to a General Committee meeting for action.

Members found to be manipulating their handicaps are to have their names struck off honour boards and trophies resulting in that title or trophy not being awarded that season.


Tee off times


Members are to book their tee times on the club’s Miscore/Miclub system. Tee off times vary throughout the year. In principle competitions should start at the same time so that all players play under the same course conditions. Players are to check in for a competition, and pay the competition fee, not less than 15 minutes prior to their booked tee off time.

Variations to tee times, for particular events, will be announced at the appropriate time.


Members who wish to play at different times are to approach their respective Captains for permission. With permission members may form their own group, arrange with the respective Captain the method of paying competition fees and submitting score cards so they are included in the day’s competition. Players or groups who change their tee time or their starting tee without permission from their Captain will be disqualified from the competition. Permission will not be granted (except in exceptional circumstances) for major events, such as the Club Championships.


Tee allocations


Tee allocations (starting hole) for any group is at the discretion of the day’s starter. It may be necessary, due to player numbers, to change booked tees for individuals or groups. The Captains or their representative has sole authority to make such a change.




All members should be prepared to play with any other member during any club competition. Ladies may play in Men’s groups, and vice versa, during ‘open’ competition days.

The Captains / starters have sole discretion to compile groups as they see fit.




To be eligible to win a club competition a person must be a financial member of the Heathcote Golf Club of a category that entitles them to play golf on the day of the competition. The only exception is that mid-week members may compete in their respective grades in the Club Championships.


Members who hold an introductory membership or similar are entitled to win a club competition round but are not entitled to win any of the following events:


Club Championships (any grade including Juniors)

Pairs Knockout events (Four Ball / Foursomes)

Singles Knockout events

Mixed Championships

McCarthy Medal (Men)

Medal of Medals (Ladies)

Farley’s Mixed


Introductory Members CAN win a monthly medal but are not entitled to enter the play off for the McCarthy Medal or Medal of Medals competitions.




Visitors are welcome to play in any club competition on payment of the competition fee and half the applicable green fee, excepting major events listed above. Visitors are eligible to win any club competition, Nearest the Pin or Super Pin, Longest Drives and so on.


Visitors and Monthly Medals. A visitor can win the competition on the day (and receive the prize voucher) but the HGC member who would have won had the visitor not played will receive the Medal.


At the discretion of the respective Captains (or representatives) a visitor’s competition may be conducted if numbers attending warrant it.


A visitor without an official handicap may play in specific events (such as charity days) with permission from the respective Captain and will be allocated a handicap by that Captain.


Professionals in Club Competitions


Golf professionals (with a recognised handicap) are encouraged to play in all club events and are entitled to win club events, with the exception of the major events listed above. It is the responsibility of the respective Captains to determine the status of professional golfers and communicate their eligibility to them. Professionals are still liable for the day’s competition fee, regardless of their eligibility to win the competition. Professionals are eligible to win NTP (including Super Pin) and other minor prizes in any club competition.


Specific Team Events

It is the responsibility of the Captains/starter to ensure the eligibility of every player in team events. If a player is accepted in a team and pays their entry fee, they cannot be later disqualified on the basis of a decision that they are not eligible to enter. For example their status as a professional.


Extreme weather conditions


Player safety is of paramount importance at the HGC.

During periods of high temperatures respective Captains may change tee times to cooler (earlier) parts of the day. Captains are to check weather forecasts the day prior and communicate the decision to members.

During periods of inclement weather, the course will be inspected for ‘playability’ and the designated inspector may suspend or cancel play at their sole discretion.

During thunderstorms play will be suspended if lightning is seen.

During periods of extremely high winds where there is danger of trees or branches falling, play may be suspended or cancelled.


Ground Under Repair


Any area marked as GUR is not to be transversed by carts or played from. Free relief is to be taken from GUR.


Motorised carts


The use of motorised golf carts in all HGC competitions is approved without the requirement for a medical certificate or any other justification.


Motorised carts are not to be driven within five metres of greens and drivers of such vehicles are to avoid waterlogged or damaged parts of the fairways. creek lines, penalty areas, hazards and bunkers are NOT to be driven through.


Distance measuring devices.


Devices used to measure distance, purpose-built or web based via a phone application, are permitted during all club competitions.

Preferred Lies


The use of preferred lies is at the discretion of the respective Captains for their daily competitions or are imposed by the Match Committee.


Course closed


The course will be closed for the conduct of specific major events, such as championships or charity days and district Pennant matches. Members and visitors not competing in those events are not permitted to play on the course at those times.

Green fee players are permitted on the course any time it is deemed ‘open’ as the course is on a public reserve, including during normal club competitions.




Each player/team must enter a valid scorecard on the Miscore/Miclub system at the completion of their round. A scorecard is only valid if it has been compiled by another person who has a recognised handicap. Members using the Miscore App are to submit their cards via their device after they have confirmed their score with their marker.


Competition Fees


Unless changed for a specific event competition fees are $10.00. Juniors fees are $7.00. Competition fees must be paid before teeing off.





A Grade: 0 – 19

B Grade: 20 – 29

C Grade: 30 – 39

D Grade: 40+


A Grade: 0 – 9

B Grade: 10 – 16

C Grade: 17 – 23

D Grade: 24+


Divisions for Daily Competitions


The above grades are only used during Club Championships. At the sole discretion of the respective Captain (or their representative) the field may be split into Grades or Divisions depending on the number of golfers. Winners of grades or divisions are to receive a prize to the same value.



Except where playoffs are required; ties are to be decided by countback as follows until a winner is determined:

Score on holes 10-18

Score on holes 13-18

Score on holes 16-18


In net events handicaps are to be applied to countback holes. EG: Half of the handicap is applied to the back nine, one third of the handicap is applied to the last six, etc. Hole index is not used during countbacks.


Competition Prizes

The value of a prize voucher for routine competitions is $25.00. Specific (sponsored) events may have greater prize voucher values.


Thursday ‘Open’ Competition

Competitions held on Thursdays are open to all members (Ladies and Gentlemen) all prizes for the day, including Monthly Medals, NTP etc, are open to all players regardless of gender.


Golfer of the Year (GOTY)

Men & Ladies 1 stableford round per month on Saturday. Best 8 scores will win the Golfer of the Year.


Thursday Medal of Medals

Thursday Monthly Medal winners, open to both genders, will contest a Medal of Medals on a nominated date in December.

Ties decided on a coutback


Super Pin


A Super Pin will only be designated where the size of the field warrants it. In events where a Super Pin competition is being played all members and visitors on the day (Men and Ladies) are eligible to win. The value of the Super Pin is $1.00 per player in the competition to a maximum of $40.00. If the size of the field warrants it a second Superpin hole may be designated for that day’s competition.

The Men’s Captain manages the Super Pin and may nominate a different Par 3 each week to be designated the Super Pin hole. The second hole is not to be used as a Super Pin hole.


Nearest the Pin (other than Super Pin)


All players (Men or Ladies) are eligible to win all nearest the pin competitions on a club competition day. Choosing holes for nearest the pin is at the discretion of the respective Captain.


Birdie Balls


Anyone in the field (Ladies or Gentlemen) in any club competition, who scores a birdie on any Par 3 will win a ball.


Par Balls


Any Lady with a handicap of 30 and above or a Gentleman with a handicap of 27 and above, who pars the 18th hole will receive a par ball in any club competition.



Ball Competition


Respective Captains are authorised to award ball competition balls to up to 20% of the field, after prize winners. a ball in the ball competition.




Any player in a club competition who scores an Eagle will be awarded four balls. Excluding Hole in One on a Par 3.


Hole in One


A hole in One on any Par 3 will be recognised with the award of a specific trophy and the player’s name (including visitors) added to the Hole in One Board.


Cancellation or alteration of competition round


Respective Captains have sole discretion to alter the format of a particular competition round (changing from stroke to par for example) or cancelling a competition round due to weather or course conditions.




A caddy is a person who accompanies a player during a competition round. The caddy may provide advice on all aspects of golf to the player. Caddies are permitted during all HGC competition rounds, including club championships.


Pace of Play


All players are required to maintain their position within the field. If a group falls more than one clear hole behind the group in front, they are moving too slowly. If an individual or group, for whatever reason, is moving faster basic golf etiquette applies and the slower group are to call the faster group or individual through.




The Club Championships are played over three successive rounds as Stroke events.


The Club Champions (Ladies and Gentlemen) is that player, from any grade, who scores the lowest stroke score for the three rounds combined.


The Champion for each grade is that player, from that grade, with the lowest Stroke score for the three rounds combined. A member can only win the competition for their grade. A member in C Grade cannot, for example, win the B Grade Championship no matter their score.


Handicaps during Club Championships

All handicaps will be ‘frozen’ for the three rounds of the Club Championships. The handicap played off in the first round will be the handicap played off in subsequent rounds.


Ties in all stroke events in the Championships are decided by sudden death playoff starting on the 10th hole, then the 11th, then the 18th. These holes are used continually until a winner is decided.

Ties in handicap events are decided by countback.


Various additional trophies are played for which are handicap events.



Toll Fenner

Men’s Handicap Event

Lowest net score for the three rounds of the Championships from any grade. Ties decided on countback of final round.


Men’s Senior Event

Lowest net score for the last two rounds of the Championships by any Gentleman over the age of sixty (60), of any grade. Ties decided on countback of final round.


Maxwell Family Putting Trophy

Men’s Event

Fewest Putts during the three rounds of the Championships by any player of any grade. Ties decided on countback of final round.



Grade Trophies

Best Net Score for the three (3) rounds of the Championships. Ties decided on countback.

A Grade – P. Kerber & G. Ritchie Trophy

B Grade – HGC Trophy

C Grade Lorna Morgan Trophy


Marlene Hendy Trophy

Best 54 hole net score from any grade. Ties decided on countback of final round.


Ruth Christie Trophy

Veterans Trophy

Lowest net score for the last two rounds of the Championships by any Female over the age of sixty (60), of any grade. Ties decided on countback of final round.


Grace Plane Putting

Ladies Event contested over 3 rounds of the Club Championships. Fewest Putts wins the trophy.


Summer Cup

Summer Cup Will be played for both Men and Ladies on Saturday Monthly Medal day over the months of November, December, January and February. Best 3 out of 4 Nett scores will be the Summer Cup winner. Daily handicap to be used across all rounds.


Ladies Summer Championship

Ladies Summer Championship Will be played with 2 stableford rounds during the months of November, December, January and February. Best 4 stableford scores will win the Summer Championship.


Monthly Medals


Monthly Medal

Men & Ladies Will be played with a stroke round on the first Saturday of every month (where possible). Ladies will contest the Medal of Medallist and Men will contest the McCarthy Medal final on the same Saturday in December. A countback will determine the winner of ALL Monthly Medals.


McCarthy Medal / Medal of Medals

McCarthy Medal / Medal of Medals are stroke events. The winner is that player with the lowest net score for the round. Ties decided on countback.


All players who have won a Monthly Medal during the season (except for Introductory Members) are entitled to enter these two events.


Women’s Tuesday Monthly Medal

Consisting of a stableford round and will contest a Medal of Medals on a nominated date in December. Tiues decided on countback.




The respective Junior Champions will be that junior player (21 and under) with the lowest stroke score for the last two rounds of the Championships. Tie decided by sudden death playoff.


Other Forms of Play


Combining Competitions

For club knockout matches (singles or pairs) players may enter the daily competition as well as playing their match. Competition fees are payable for all matches and competitions. A player playing a knockout match is only required to pay one competition fee if combining competitions.




All Matchplay events, where possible, should start on the first hole. If a match is ‘all square’ after 18 holes a sudden death playoff is required to decide the match starting on the first hole.


All match play events are to be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf related to Matchplay. The hole index for giving and receiving shots is different in Matchplay than that on the HGC scorecard. The lower marker plays off scratch and ‘gives’ shots to the higher marker according to the higher marker’s handicap minus the higher marker’s handicap.


For example:

Player A’s handicap is 15 and Player B’s Handicap is 25. Player A plays off scratch and Player B plays off a 10 handicap.

Shots are allocated to holes as per the index below.

So player B gets one shot on holes indexed 1-10.



The Matchplay index is as follows:

Hole 1 - Index 18

Hole 2 - Index 8

Hole 3 - Index 12

Hole 4 - Index 3

Hole 5 - Index 14

Hole 6 - Index 6

Hole 7 - Index 10

Hole 8 - Index 1

Hole 9 - Index 16

Hole 10 - Index 5

Hole 11 - Index 11

Hole 12 - Index 2

Hole 13 - Index 15

Hole 14 - Index 7

Hole 15 - Index 13

Hole 16 - Index 4

Hole 17 - Index 17

Hole 18 - Index 9

Each match is scored on holes won. The best Stableford score, using the above index (not the index on the scorecard) wins the hole.


When one side has won more holes than there are holes left to play, that side wins the match.


Matches ‘all square’ after 18 holes are to continue in ‘sudden death’ format beginning on the starting hole for the match until a result is decided. As soon as a player wins a hole the match is over.




Ties decided on countback.


Tee shots


Each team is to use a certain number of tee shots from each player.

For a team of four each member must have three tee shots.

For a team of three each member must have four tee shots.

For a team of two each member must have five tee shots.

The score card must indicate which team member’s tee shot was used on each hole.


Selected shot


Once the ball to be played next is selected, the ball may be marked, lifted and cleaned. Each team member may then place their ball within one club length of the marked position, no nearer the hole, and play from there. If the selected ball is in the rough, on the fringe of the green, in a penalty area or a bunker, all ball to be played must be placed rough, on the fringe of the green, in a penalty area or the bunker.


On the Green


Once the selected ball on the green has been marked each player may place their ball within the width of the scorecard and putt from that position.


Holing out


To maintain the pace of play, if one member of the team putts and misses but taps the ball into the hole before other teammates have putted, the team’s score is that score unless another teammate sinks their first putt. If the first player misses their second putt the team must accept that as their next position and putt from there.




Each scorecard must show each member’s handicap.

Handicaps are added together and divided as follows to establish the team handicap:


Pairs -     divide by four

Threes -  divide by six

Fours -    divide by eight


Individual Knockouts

(Ladies and Gentlemen)

Ties are decided by sudden death playoff.


Individual knock out events are played according to the Rules for Matchplay using the Matchplay index. The top eight (8) qualifiers enter the knockout rounds.


Pairs Knockouts

(Ladies and Gentlemen)

Ties are decided by sudden death playoff.


Pairs Knockouts

Pairs knockout matches are played as a hybrid of Stableford and Matchplay formats. Handicaps are determined using the standard HGC Index. Each side adds their Stableford score together and the side with the highest aggregate score wins the hole. The match score is determined in Matchplay tradition as ‘holes up’. When one side is more ‘holes up’ than there are holes to play the side wins the match.

A side may concede a hole at any time and after such a concession the hole is decided and no further play is required. The concession cannot be withdrawn.

If sides are ‘all square’ after 18 holes a sudden death playoff is required.

Practice before knockout matches

Practice on the course is permitted only if players are not also playing in the daily



Top eight (8) pairs qualify for the knockout rounds.

Pairs knockout events are played as Stableford Aggregate. Each player adds their Stableford score together and the team with the highest Stableford score wins the hole. The match score is recorded as holes won. The Matchplay index is NOT used in pairs knockouts.


For example:

Team A scores 6 points and Team B scores 5 points. Team A wins the hole and the match score is Team A is One Up.


If the match is tied at the 18th hole a sudden death playoff is required. The teams go to the first hole and continue playing until one side wins a hole.






The Farley’s Mixed Pairs event is played as a Canadian Foursomes.

Each player tees off and then the team selects a ball to play. If Player A’s ball is selected; then Player B hits the next shot. Players then take alternate shots with the same ball until it is holed.

The main trophy is for the lowest stroke score and there is a lowest net score prize. Team Handicaps are decided by adding handicaps together and dividing by two (2).

Scratch ties are decided by sudden death playoff on 10, 11, 18 and 18 repeatedly until there is a winner.

Net ties decided by countback.


McCarthy Medal & Medal of Medallists

Ties decided by countback.


All players who have won a Monthly Medal during the year shall compete for the McCarthy Medal (for Men) and the Medal of Medallists (for Ladies) except for Introductory Members. The winner shall be the player with the lowest net score for the designated round. Both competitions will be conducted in December.


Ladies and Mens Eclectic

Will be calculated by Miscore over the calendar year..

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